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Bon Voyage B

Flexible travel times (up to 180 days) and even better service

Key features

Pacific Cross provides you with great service for you next health plan and travel plan.

Just perfect

The right combination of coverage and benefits for your next adventure

Have it all covered

Automatic coverage up to 180 days with no deductible for most benefits, including winter sports and adventurous activities like trekking, scuba diving, and rafting, at no extra cost.

REALLY, All of it

Baggage & Personal Effects protection includes laptops and tablets.

Here's what you need to know

Medical Expense Coverage for your next trip from 5 - 180 days up to $75,000.

Follow-up Care, Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation and Hospital Expense Guarantee included.

Full-service: Enjoy extra benefits for travel delay, baggage & personal effects. curtailment of trip & cancellation charges, loss of personal money (due to theft, burglary or robbery) and travel documents.

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Flexible coverage

Our Bon Voyage Travel Insurance Plan B is your best combination of value and affordability. At only $22 for up to 5 days, this plan covers all of your needs for peace of mind on your next adventure. Choose how many days coverage you need and up to 180 days.

Enjoy coverage for accidental death or permanent disability, medical expenses, repatriation, and hospital expenses guarantee. Plus, additional benefits include coverage for baggage and personal effects, such as laptops or tablets. Bon Voyage Travel Plan caters to diverse travel needs without compromising on essential protections.

The Bon Voyage Plan is part of our Bon Voyage series. See Plans A and C for other plan options.

Extended benefits

For precise details on coverage, terms, and exclusions, please refer to the policy documentation. Pacific Cross is committed to providing transparent and comprehensive insurance solutions to ensure your travels are worry-free. If you have any questions or require assistance, our dedicated team is ready to help. Contact us today to embark on your next journey with confidence.

Customized premiums

Choose from individual or family coverage options, tailored to fit your specific travel requirements. With a range of premium plans available, including Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C, you can select the level of coverage that best suits your budget and preferences. Enjoy flexibility in coverage duration, with options ranging from short-term trips to extended stays up to 180 days.

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Ten questions, ten answers

Here are the 10 questions you might ask yourself before buying your next insurance.
We have gathered the answers in the most simple way possible.
What travel destinations do the insurance plans generally cover?
Generally, our plans offer global protection. You may chose country specific plans to get insured at a lower rate. Please check our list of blacklisted countries and countries with higher insurance premiums beforehand.
How long is insurance coverage?
Our health plans offer annual coverage and our travel plan coverage duration is flexible eather for single stay or multiple stays up to 90 days per stay.
(How) Can I extend my insurance coverage?
In order to extend insurance, contact us or your insurance broker.
Who / what is covered by my insurance?
You can choose to cover yourself or include your family in certain plans. Protection may also include personal belongings such as travel documents and technical devices. Please see the individual brochures for more information.
Does my insurance cover vaccination and/or medicines?
Our health plans offer full or partial coverage of vaccinations and medicines. You will find more information in the product comparison on the insurance plan page
How are accidents & hospital treatments covered?
Our health and travel plans offer a full suite of benefits, including emergency and inpatient benefits. Please contact us for more information or see all our plan brochures here.
Am I being taken home after an accident?
Many of our health plans offer this benefit. Please see the individual brochures for more information.
How are sport related accidents covered?
Accidents related to recreational sports, whether above or below water, are fully covered in our Bon Voyage Plans and coverage is included in our health plans.
Does Pacific Cross pre-pay my hospital bills or guarantee for me?
Yes. Depending on the plan you choose, Pacific Cross will pre-pay hospital bills above US$ 2,500.00 for you.
I have crossed a border and (accidentally) went outside my destination country. What now?
Please contact us for further assistance.

Whatever you're up to: We've got you covered.