Pacific Cross is a multi-line insurance underwriter with deep historical roots in a tradition of providing health insurance and health care services to the people of Asia and the world.

The Company was established in June, 1990 and is incorporated in Samoa. It is part of regional group of specialist insurance businesses which has been operating in Asia for 40 years. Many of those companies are well recognized in their respective countries, such as Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. in the Philippines.

The group has unique competencies in the provision of medical and travel insurances which have been honed over decades of experience in these specialist markets. The depth of insurance experience of its directors, executives and dedicated experienced staff have contributed to the success of the company over the twenty years of “Pacific Cross” existence.

As the years have passed and success has smiled on “Pacific Cross”, the Company has expanded to offer worldwide coverage for Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance and various tailor-made coverage of health and medical accident risk.

In an effort to best promote the well being of our clients, our commitment to personalized customer service is remarkable in the industry – we offer broad worldwide health insurance cover and guaranteed renewability. Our competitive advantages enable us to offer attractive rates while our reputation for quality service is widely known by our clients and within the broker community. These are the reasons why people choose “Pacific Cross” for their insurance needs.